Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Extra Time for Questions Podcast: Ice Ice Baby

Welcome to the Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Extra Time for Questions Podcast. Festival of the Spoken Nerd is a celebration of science, comedy, music, maths and unashamed geekiness. It's a variety show for the fearlessly inquisitive: artists, scientists, comedy fans, and anyone in between. It's hosted by three of London's best (and nerdiest) performers, who have all appeared as guests on BBC television and radio - musical comedian and physics graduate Helen Arney, stand-up mathematician and Famelab finalist Matt Parker and guerrilla scientist and stand-up comedian Steve Mould.

This podcast follows the show Ice Ice Baby and is about all things very, very cold. Starting with a look at just how cold things can get, this episode also features ice cube necklaces, using fire extinguishers to make ice cream and the answers to your extra questions!

Written and devised by Helen Arney, Steve Mould and Matt Parker. Produced by Elizabeth Hauke.

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